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Would Prosecutor Whitmer have Investigated Biden?

Late last night, the San Luis Obispo Tribune published a story which provides legal evidence corroborating Tara Reade’s allegation against presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, Joe Biden. This additional evidence from Reade’s 1996 divorce corroborates that she left Biden’s Senate office due to Biden’s behavior, and that a settlement was reached with Biden’s then Chief of Staff.

Currently, Biden’s National Campaign Chairman Gretchen Whitmer has been supportive of Biden during these accusations, even defending him by saying Reade's allegation isn't “consistent with the Joe Biden I know”. However, this new evidence begs the question, “When serving as Ingham County Prosecutor, would Whitmer have investigated Joe Biden for sexual assault due to the litany of evidence corroborating Reade’s allegations?”

“This new evidence further corroborating Tara Reade’s allegations is incredibly troubling,” said Laura Cox, Michigan Republican Party Chairman. Cox continued, “As a former law enforcement officer, I have no doubt that I would do whatever I could to get to the bottom of such a horrendous cover-up. As a former Prosecutor, can Gretchen Whitmer say the same, or will she continue to stay silent in the hope of being on the Biden ticket?”